Women Arise

Women in the Present Society: Today's woman is trying to stretch herself into a number of roles at one time Doctors used to say that most of the women are suffering from heart illness and many other stress, strain and other diseases than ever before in our Society. During all the changes taking place in women's role in recent years, women have constantly sought a sense of well being.

Now a days there is a great struggle and frustration in women over maintaining a balance between home and profession, marriage and ministry. Christian women today as ever before are asking themselves the question how can I best fulfill my God given role? How can I make my life more effective.

This question I asked myself and I Got the answer.

There is a way to Maintain the Balance Between Home, Profession, Marriage and Ministry.
In 1989 I was filled with the Holy Spirit and my life was changed. Holy Spirit God started leading me and my life. My life has become fruitful in all areas. I have developed close relationship with Jesus and learnt praising and worshipping him in all the situations good or bad. This is the only secret behind every fruitful life . Jesus taught me how to lead an effective life and be fruitful.

God Given Vision and Burden For Women, Children and Youth
How I Got Into Ministry:
Before I started doing anything I was a worshipper When I was commuting with him he showed me how can his children be powerful in this World and be overcommers. He has given me the gifts of Holy Spirit and anointed me for great commission to go to the world and spread Gospel.

The Ministry I am Involved With:

Women's Ministry God's divine plan for women.
Evangelism and Outreach This is the heart beat of Jesus
Children and Youth His compassion for them.
Deliverance Ministry His desire for his children to be free.
Praise and worship He is seeking for the true worshippers.

Godly Women In My Life:

When I was sharing My vision with many Godly women they came forward with much love and Co-operation in organising women meetings, children ministry and Youth
Ministry in the Cities,Villages, Towns in Unreached Places.

Mrs Rebecca Wesley of Chennai India was the one who has helped me grow in my Spiritual Life.She prophesied over me and confirmed many things which God has already revealed to me. She has increased my faith to move forward in my ministry.
Mrs Christina Moses Ojo: This sister prayed for me and encouraged me She is more than my sister in Christ, when ever there is a conflict in my spiritual life Rev& Mrs Moses Ojo was there to comfort me to pray and to encourage in every situation.
Emily Defeevoorhies and Mercedes E. Dalton of Global Action have played a vital role to learn about many spiritual truths about women in Biblical perspectives
Mrs. Rachael Olaleye: I am privileged to meet Mrs Rachael Olaleye a dynamic risk taker for God, Highly anointed,unshakable faith in God. Her qualities have motivated me for greater works in the Ministry.

Conclusion :

My desire and Vision for Women

1. My burden is for Women who are in the bondage,confused and compromised with the situations became because they are not taught who are they in the Christ.

2. According to Galantians 3;28 there is neither Jew nor Greek, there neither Slave nor free Man,there is neither Male nor Female for you all are one in Christ Jesus. Women are precious gifts from God to the World,they are equal to Man in everything.

3. In coming years,I hope and Pray that every Woman must realise this truth,filled with the Holy Spirit and to become bold in all areas.

4. Now at this time world needs Deborah's,Esther's who never uncompromised then only the Home,Church and World at large can be saved. Please Pray and join hands with us to see Women being Empowered,Trained,Motivated to become Godly Women.

Mrs Santosh Permanas. .

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