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Greetings to all

Incredible are the ways of the Lord

We thank and Praise God of Crusades since 1993 to 2008,and we  Request you to Pray & Participate for crusaders in Unreached areas for the years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.and We are moving by faith to conduct 40 crusades @ of 8 crusades for each year to win 200 thousand souls for  each year as aggregating 8 Million souls.

We are praying and hoping that the lord will give us divine contacts and would send ministries on way to accomplish the task the harvest is plenty and there is no time now to sow into the kingdom of God .Please stand with us and join your hands with us.

Dr. Permanas testimony

I would like to share My testimony for the Glory of God,I was born and raised in a Christian family and I had a desire to become an Officer and I have earned three Masters Degrees in Social Sciences,Law,Management and I was un-employed living in University campus in Hydra ,One Gazetted Officer Government post in the rank of Class 1 Cadre was published in News papers in 1985 and I was one among thousands who applied for One solitary post.

On the date of interview  300 shorlisted candidates were called for personal
Interview to Select only one candidate for the Solitary Post.I went to Bus stop in the University to take Bus ,I had a strange feeling as  My feet is not moving to get into Bus and suddenly I heard a voice to get back to My Bachelor room to Pray and to come.

I reasoned Myself I have already Prayed in My room and came to Bus stop and why I should walk back to My room which is Quarter kilometer distance,however to be Obedient to the voice I walked back to My room and I shut door and began to Pray.
              As I began to Pray I was shivering and sweating,suddenly I have experienced Holy Spirit and began to Speak in Tongues and as I was Praying authoritatively like I am your Son a Prince and I stood for you and you have to stand for Me,I never wanted to get a Job in Government as backward classes candidate,that Prayer has changed My Life .

Suddenly again I heard a voice'"IF I GIVE THIS POST TO YOU WHAT YOU WILL DO FOR ME"as a Young person at the age of 24 years I do not know how to answer that Voice I kept silent and again I heard a Gentle  voice"'I WILL MAKE YOU AN OFFICER IN GOVERNMENT AND YOU HAVE TO DO YOUR JOB AND SERVE ME AFTER YOUR WORKING HOURS'"as such I have committed to God to serve in ministry 8 hours and to do My Job for 8 hours each day in 29th July-1985.

Finally ,after  Prayer I went back to Bus  stop and took Bus and went to Interview place where 300 Boys and Girls were made to sit for interview by a 5 Member Bureaucrats  ,I was sitting and claiming God's promise  ,My turn came at S.No.156 and as I sat in front of interview Board,they began to ask questions and I was answering all questions by the Power of the Holy Spirit even out of context and Syllabus and there was no Question that was not answered by Me  in 45 minutes  ordeal,I left interview place hoping for a Miracle,after interview,two Ministers in Government are vying with each other to select their candidate for the lone post and they have taken it as a prestige issue and the issue went to the Head of the Government Chief Minister.N.T Rama Rao and He wrote in the File not to give to any one of  Ministers candidate but to Select as per the merit   ,I stood first in merit and I was selected and the Posting Orders came to My University Room in Hyderabad by a Special Messenger and Glory Be to God at the age of 24 I became Class 1 Officer in Government in July 1985 and I am faithfully serving Lord 8 Hours each apart of working 8 hours in Government till date.God had also honoured My Prayer concerning My Marriage and I wanted to Marry the very First Alliance that God send My way and in the year 1986 I got married to My wife Santosh and we both began to serve in Rock Church and we almost made our Church our Home spending much of our Prime time and energies  working to the best of our ability for over 10 years and God has led us to the Crusade ministries winning thousands of Souls,God has Blessed us with Joel,Noel,Emmanuel three wonderful Boys who are dedicated for the Ministry by our Spiritual Father Bishop of Rock Church.
Thus far God has been Gracious in our Crusade ministries, from 1993 to 2006 I have independently raised Lakhs of Rupees locally in India to do Large Crusades until Lord gave a PROPHESY OF OPENING DOORS WITH LIKE MINDED MINISTRIES IN 2007

We rejoice for the Lord's doing for partnership, people who have not seen us and never knew us not met us sent enormous Donations to do Crusades,this is the work of the Holy Spirit,I never went out of India and I also hesitate to go but LORD is providing us !


Yours Cordially
M.A, LL.M, P.G.D.P.M Ph.D
Honourary Director


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