About Shekinah Crusaders

Shekinah Crusaders an Inter- Denominational Fellowship was founded by Late Dr. K. Paul Richmond Peter, Dr.P.Permanas and Mrs P.Santosh Permanas in the year 1993 in obedience to the vision God laid down on their hearts. The word Shekinah means "Manifestation of Glory of God" and Crusaders means "Conveyers of the Glory of God".

Dr. K.Paul Richmond Peter was a renowned Chief Medical Officer in Government General Hospital in India and a man full of Holy Spirit having burden for perishing souls. After duty hours along with Dr. P. Permanas and Mrs Santosh Permanas visiting the neighbourhood, houses and villages preaching the Gospel and Praying for the needy and sick people. Hundreds of people were impacted by their ministries and God has given the Name Shekinah Crusaders in a dream to Dr.Paul Richmond Peter and soon it was registered in the Government and now it is fully recognized as a religious Charitable Institution.

God has led them into soul winning ministry by way of conducting the crusades,Women, Youth and Leadership Empowerment programs, Medical camps and social work ministry to foster the Love of Christ in the Society.

Dr.P.Permanas and Mrs.Santosh Permanas are married in 1986 and were intensely involved in Ministry in a Full Gospel Church as youth Director and Christian Education Director and they almost made their Rock Church as their Home, spending much of their time in ministry and only few hours they used to go to their residence to rest during night time and after 10 years the calling of the Lord for Soul winning ministry was so intense, they gave up Church positions and started Crusade ministry in unreached towns and districts and thousands of precious souls began to be added into the Kingdom of God.

In the year 1998 Dr. K. Paul Richmond Peter has gone to be with the Lord and the Mantle was fallen on Dr.P.Permanas and Mrs.P.Santosh Permanas and as they were doing ministry, soon they were joined by committed secularly working Christians to assist them for Gospel Crusades. Dr.P.Permanas working as Senior Officer in Government is now Honourary Director of Shekinah Crusaders and Mrs .P.Santosh Permanas who is working as PGT Teacher is the General Secretary of Shekinah Crusaders. Please join your hands to win the lost and there is no time like now.

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